The Quest of Social Media

Today I will be talking about a company who I have recently noticed around the “fit fam” world on social media. Quest Nutrition started out as a protein bar company, but through their effective use of their social media platforms, their company has expanded and sells protein powder, chips, pasta, peanut butter cups and even clothing with their logo on it. The company focuses on making their products high protein, low carb, high fiber along with keeping them reasonably low in calories.spacer

Their website has testimonials of people who have transformed their bodies after changing their lifestyle and implementing quest products into their diet. The site also has a community where people use the hash tag, #cheatclean attached to their photos with quest products. It’s a way for consumers to connect with the company. Another way the company connects with their audience is by featuring certain photos who use their hash tag on their Instagram page.

Tactics like these help create loyal customers who tag their products in their own photos in a positive way. The company specifically benefits from people who are physically fit. These customers will consistently tag the products in their posts and then their friends who are also interested in fitness will pass it along to their friends.

Overall it appears that Quest Nutrition has an excellent PR team who knows how to really capture the attention of their target audience.

Do you have a favorite product who’s company utilizes social media in a successful way?


Photo Credit: Madame Mariposa


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