Why did The Y rebrand?

The Y is an organization that is dedicated to strengthening the community . Previously known as the YMCA, the Y has recently shown how dedicated they truly are to their publics. In 2010, the Y revealed a new brand strategy. According to a press release on the Y’s website,  “The YMCA unveiled a new, more forward-looking logo that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the organization, and a framework that focuses resources on three core areas: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  In another major change, the nonprofit will be called “the Y” to align with how people most commonly refer to the organization.”

It’s great to see that this organization is living up to it’s mission and continuing to focus on it’s core message. It’s also nice to hear that it is keeping up with it’s consumers and paying attention to detail. Calling themselves “the Y” because that’s what they are commonly called by the public is an interesting brand strategy that shows that the organization is listening to what the people are saying. It would be interesting to see what other organizations would be called if they switched their names to what the public referred to them as.

How do you feel about the rebranding? Do you think it was a good move?

Photo Credit: YMCA.net


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